VA Vanessa

Vanessa works as a Community Outreach Specialist for Canva and is mostly in charge of outreach and prospecting potential users. She is resourceful when comes to dealing with her tasks, accomplishing them even if it’s her first time working on it. She thinks quickly regardless of the circumstances she may encounter.

Vanessa is adventurous and energetic. Often on her free time, she does outdoor activities. She is outgoing and down for activities that can give her an adrenaline rush, including biking, mountain climbing, and—her addiction—playing ultimate frisbee. She likes taking and editing photos; the skill must be in her blood. Her hyperactivity makes her thin even though she eats a lot. She likes to explore new things and eager to learn more. She views the world as place of adventure and opportunity. She might not look like a professional but when comes to work she is devoted.